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Helsinki Dance Company was founded in 1973 and was originally called Helsinki City Theatre Dance Company.

The group is comprised of 12 brilliant dancers who represent the undisputed cream of the dance field. Half of the group perform only in HDC’s touring repertoire while the other half perform in the City Theatre’s other productions too.

Choreographer Jyrki Karttunen’s time as the group’s artistic director has seen HDC orientate itself towards dance theatre, and there has also been an emphasis on performances for children and youths and audience participation. The group strives to deliver first-class dance performances to the audience every single time.

Dance art often offers a safe place to find yourself amazed, re-evaluating your take on reality, but on the other hand it can be nice sometimes just to sit quietly and experience the feelings being transmitted live by the fantastic dancers’ bodies on the stage.

There are at least as many different ways to see dance as there are to make it, so it is not an easy thing to describe in words – the best thing is to come along to some Helsinki Dance Company performances for yourself and experience them in your own unique way.



Jemina - The Great American Show

Helsinki Dance Company

Helsinki City Theatre
Ensi Linja 2, 00530 Helsinki


PRODUCER Marinella Jaskari

tel: +358 9 3940 318
mobile: +358 50 567 1814